Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long Tie Racks - The Summer and Spring Collection - SOLD OUT!

This entry is all about the Long TR. I think its so IN right now. Stylish and glam, will upgrade ur outfit in a blink ;) Honestly I feel like keeping all for myself!

Similar to the square ones, the price is:

RM65 for the 1st piece
RM62 for the 2nd to 10th pieces

Its inclusive of mailing charges.

The box is F.O.C but I only have limited number. So 1st come first serve! This also applied for the square ones. FYI I'll provide only one box for each transaction. If u require more, do query me and u might have to pay extra due to increase in postal charge.

Presenting our latest collection~

TL01 - sold
TL02 - 1 reserved, 1 available
TL03 - sold
TL04 - sold
TL05 - sold
TL06 - sold
TL07 - reserved
TL08 - Available

Email me: mdm.mimi@gmail.com or leave ur message on the above form, I'll feedback as soon as possible~

Also check out the square collection on my previous entry!


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