Monday, February 23, 2009

Square Tie Racks - The Summer and Spring Collection - SOLD OUT!!

Hello Ladies! The latest TRs collection are here! Fresh from UK... My partner said she gotta raid all TRs Outlet around London and fight with some other customers in order to get hold of these collection! LOL :D

The new satin collection are very easy to wear, not see-through, and a lil bit heavier than the chiffon which I believe everyone is familiar with. I love-love-love its modern pattern! Hv already grabbed a few pieces for myself, hehehe..

Be noted that our revised price are as follow:

1st piece - RM64
2nd to 10th pieces - RM62

Its inclusive of mailing charges.
The box is F.O.C but I only have limited number. So 1st come first serve! This also applied for the square ones. FYI I'll provide only one box for each transaction. If u require more, do query me and u might have to pay extra due to increase in postal charge.
First come first serve ya!
If interested, Email me:

The Satin Range

TR01-soldTR02- soldTR03 - 1 sold, 1 reserved
TR04 - reserved

The Chiffon Range

TR07 - sold
TR08 - sold
TR09 - sold
TR10 - soldTR11 - sold
TR13 - Sold
TR15 - 1 sold, 1 available
TR19 - Sold

Stay tuned for our long TRs collection tomorrow!

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Tiny Rose said...

Hi Mimi, kak minn amik TR16 ye.tq