Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Delicious Clarks Shoes for Your Little Prince and Princess

Hi All!

Sorry for my 1 week hiatus and hope its not too late to wish Happy Chinese New Year~ Hope u've enjoyed ur holiday :D

We're back with limited pieces of Clarks shoes for baby girl n boys n girls. Feel free to browse our selection n check out our steal price ;) These prices are exclusive (not including) the shipping cost which I will only quote if u email me. The retail price quoted here are based on UK price as my partner has noted.

U know the catch! Email me at

C01 - Eleanor Rose Pink with Butterflies for Baby Girl

This pretty little number is available in size 2 and size 2.5 (one each)
Retail Price : around RM90
Our Price : RM70

C02 - Navy/Lea Denim Shoes for Boy

This smart shoes is available in size 7 and size 8 (one each)
Retail Price : RM148
Our Price : RM99.90!!

C03 - Hi Cut Navy/Lea Shoes for Boy

This rugged number is available in size 4.5 and size 6 (one each)
Retail Price : RM165
Our Price : RM115

C04 - Hi Cut Brown/Lea Shoes for Boy

This rugged number is only available in size 5.5 (only 1!!)
Retail Price : RM165
Our Price : RM115

C05 - Blue with Embroidered Butterfly for Girl

This cute number is only available in size 7 (only 1!!)
Retail Price : RM149.90
Our Price : RM99.90!!

C06 - Iced Tea Purple with Embroidered Details for Girl

This elegant number is only available in size 4.5 (only 1!!)
Retail Price : RM149.90
Our Price : RM99.90!!

So? Whatcha waiting for? Take ur pick n email me!

If u'd like to see a larger photo or have any queries dont hesitate to ask okay! We'll be happy to entertain ya ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Wear Ur Long Tie Rack - Updated!

Some of u have been asking me on ways to wear the long TR. So here is one way to style it. Here I dont use any brooch or pin at all, but u can use it according to ur preference, no problem.


Here I'm wearing the same pattern as in TL004 (love-love-love the burberry like pattern ;D) with an inner. First place the scarves on ur head. U cant see here but one side should be longer than the other.

Then gather the right and left part of ur neck as neatly as possible. U can use brooch\pin to secure it, here i simply tuck it in the inner,underneath my chin

This is the result

Lift the longer side. Take the shorther side and place it on the shoulder as in the picha

Bring the longer part to the other side then to top of your head and hold the corner

Tuck\slip in the corner inside the scarves\inner beside the cheek area

Walla! the end result~ Easy right? :D

Because the long TR size is just nice, its very easy to handle and this is the back side. Very simple and neat~

Get it? Feel free to ask me any question :D

So what are U waiting for? Get ur long TR from here now!

p/s - stay tune for another style pictorial this time without inner ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Elegant Tie-Racks

5 pieces of Long (TL) Tie-Racks scarves (very neat and elegant if you wear with inner) and 2 pieces of Square (T) scarves up for grab!

I still maintain the promotional price of RM62 so HURRY while stock last!

Long Scarves

TL001 - sold





Square Scarves

T004 - sold


You know the catch :D
Dont forget to email me~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1st Delivery - Tie Racks

Is ready to be mailed...

Mucho Gracias for both my 1st customers ;)

For Nurni

For Fiza


p/s - I have a new stock of long Tie Rack scarves coming very-very soon! So STAY TUNED..

Celine Denim Jacquard Tote Bag

This is brand new Authentic Celine bag!

Its sleek and stylish.
Will definitely complement ur appearance at work or casual outing ;)

Its available at such a steal price, and much lower than retail!!!

Wanna know how much? Email me at :D

p/s - We accept installment, terms and conditions applied.

Tie Racks - Colourful n Beautiful

All Tie Racks here are direct from UK.. For this moment we have 7 square pieces at promotional price RM62 inclusive delivery. It comes with the Tie Racks box as well ;)

First come first serve basis!

T001 - sold

T002 - sold

T003 - sold


T005 - sold


T007 - sold

Hurry while stock last!