Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Wear Ur Long Tie Rack - Updated!

Some of u have been asking me on ways to wear the long TR. So here is one way to style it. Here I dont use any brooch or pin at all, but u can use it according to ur preference, no problem.


Here I'm wearing the same pattern as in TL004 (love-love-love the burberry like pattern ;D) with an inner. First place the scarves on ur head. U cant see here but one side should be longer than the other.

Then gather the right and left part of ur neck as neatly as possible. U can use brooch\pin to secure it, here i simply tuck it in the inner,underneath my chin

This is the result

Lift the longer side. Take the shorther side and place it on the shoulder as in the picha

Bring the longer part to the other side then to top of your head and hold the corner

Tuck\slip in the corner inside the scarves\inner beside the cheek area

Walla! the end result~ Easy right? :D

Because the long TR size is just nice, its very easy to handle and this is the back side. Very simple and neat~

Get it? Feel free to ask me any question :D

So what are U waiting for? Get ur long TR from here now!

p/s - stay tune for another style pictorial this time without inner ;)

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